Small Government

Down & Outsourced

32" x 54" | oil on canvas

By the thousands jobs are being outsourced to India, Hong Kong, The Peoples Republic of China, Panama, Manila, The Philippines; and many other countries. Since 1986, 15 million high-paying manufacturing jobs have left the the American workforce. Any job that can be performed in another location, preferably outside of the realm of American wages and work-related laws, are going.

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T-Shirt: Down & Outsourced

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Down & Outsourced

Poster: Down & Outsourced

$17.99  13" x 19"  ($4 shipping)

Down & Outsourced

Sticker: Down & Outsourced

Now you can have thought provoking art printed on extreme water and tear resistance material ideal for smooth surfaces like laptops, journals, windows etc. 4" x 5".

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